• What an amazing time at the 15th Stock Gaylard Oak fair Yesterday. Meeting up with so many old friends and a chance to paint. The weather was really kind to us this year so we even packed up in the dry. I managed to finish this painting of my grandparents weddinf at Holt, Wimborne, back in 1910ish. Its painted in Dorset Blue paint very relevent to their and mine Dorset roots. The paint was drying too quickly so will revisit this in the studio, think it will be well worth it.
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    Back to my roots, I’ve spent 5 days talking about my workshops and holidays at the purbeck school, again another very personal time, one of my grandmothers living about 5 minutes walk from the school at the top of Worgret hill in a big tide farmers cottage. Happy days of playing on a mound of what we thought was a burial mound from the plague in Wareham, no one was ever sure. My other Grandmother Mrs Wellstead ran the Post Office at Holme Bridge, when she died at 82 her daughter Joan carried on running the little Post Office, theres nothing like going back to your roots.

  • Such a diverse life, after an amazing day at the Abbotsbury street fair, bringing back many memories of being taken there with my father as a child. from conversations I think I must have been at the very first fair. so a lovely feeling to be part of it now.
  • Well back to reality. After two weeks teaching in the baltics on the Saga Sapphire. I had some very large classes, who were so keen to learn. Its always such a priviledge to encourage passengers who have never painted before to take up painting. plus those lovely artists who are more experienced. A brilliant inspiring time.
  • Honfleur is so inspiring, after an amazing weekend laden with wine and coffee, and so much reference material. I feel a Honfleur theme approaching. It was a chance to soak up the smells and French atmosphere. Spent a wonderful evening in a small bar overlooking the harbour. Even the rain was atmospheric. The sun did come out and even more photos had to be taken.
  • Preperation for demostrations is well underway. I’m alway introducing new material to keep it interesting for the art groups and for me. Quite excited.
  • Singapore to Japan, travels across Vietnam, Taiwan and Hong Kong are still fresh in my mind, these are going to be an influence for quite a while on my preparation for demonstrations and workshops. Yet again amazing people attended my classes on the Azamara Quest.
    Drumming festival Japan

    Well the last few months have seen a major change in my studio, it was time to have my own toilet, kitchen, comfortable seating area and a warmer workplace . Already in an amazing peaceful farm setting, it was just the little extras that were needed. My brilliant husband set to work to achieve this. Walls were knocked down, a kitchen installed with dare I say it running water. No more filling up bottles from a frozen outside tap. The best addition is the beautiful toilet. ThereĀ  is still work to be done. the most important part is running workshops in all mediums from this transformed workplace.