Workshops: Spring 2020

2nd January 2020: Child & Gran (Grandad or Mum) mixed media morning,
A adult child sharing art experience.

24th February 2020: Drawing, Drawing everyone can. There are ways and means to create beautiful accurate drawings.

25th February 2020: Pen Drawing, discovering different techniques using fine liners and zen pens, so different but so effective.

26th February 2020: Pen & Wash, loose vibrant washes and many ways of achieving Pen & Wash.

27th February 2020: Watercolour for beginners, This is the class for you if you’re a little scared of having a go, no preasure just a fun way of learning.

28th February 2020: Figures for the scared in watercolour. You will never be frightened of putting figures into your paintings again.

1st April 2020: Simplyfing Watercolour, Take a complicated scene and make it simple.

2nd April 2020: Loosen up in watercolour, Are you tight and fiddly, no need to be, soon you will be a loose painter.

3rd April 2020: Big Brush in watercolour, surprising what you can do with one big brush.

22nd April 2020: Taster morning in watercolour, No pressure morning of finding out how watercolour works.

23rd April 2020: Taster morning using Brusho, Explosive dye crystals, have a taste of how this medium works.

24th April 2020: Taster morning using Pen & Wash, Get the feel for Pen & wash.

11th May 2020: Vibrant Acrylics. The art of under statement. big brush big colour.

12th May 2020: Hens, Chickens & Roosters in mixed media, just diverse characters with lots of movement, trying different mixed media techniques in a fun way.

13th May 2020: Cows in mixed media, Get inspiration from my resident cows near my studio, as you try different forms of mixed media.

15th May 2020: The Secret of great watercolour, You will be astounded at what is achievable.

16th May 2020: Vibrant Animals in watercolour, Loose vibrantĀ  moving animals,