Online art school


Adapting to our new world at the moment. I have set up a online tuition. This is tuition which is recorded and you watch and work on at your pace. All workshops are recorded in real time, with a few markers of title cards that you can pause in easy places as you wish. A list of materials is always given and from the Masterclass subscription you also can have the reference photograph and drawing, so just like a real workshop. Its very easy.

You will be emailed as the links are released. (Eventually you will access these links from the Patreon posts. I’m still working on this) BASIC on the 2nd and 16th of each calendar month. Most classes are in Two parts and both will be emailed at the same time.  Masterclass will be released on the 16th of each Month, both parts together. these are a little more complicated and longer classes. VIP the very best tier. You will have tuition in a different medium which will vary. this is released on the 23rd of each month.

Subscription is taken from your card on the 1st of the following month you join. To keep you going until the workshops kick in. You will receive a link to a free Vibrant  Rooster & Hens tuition in Mixed media for FREE.


VIP Patreon subscription tuition









BASIC £5.99

Is two watercolour classes on the 2nd & 16th of the month in two parts. Step by step in real time.


Everything in Basic, plus

1 masterclass watercolour a little more difficult than the basic workshops. Still step by step in real time. on the 16th of each month.

Access to reference material and drawing. (so just like a live class)

Access to YouTube videos before they become live.

VIP £15.99

Both Basic & Masterclass, plus

One step by step workshops, in mixed media, acrylic and Brusho,  on the 23rd of each month.

You can email questions about any of the current workshops form any tier.

Full library access. growing all the time.

Students reference material will be selected and used to demonstrate periodically.

Yearly draw to win one of the demonstration pieces.

With the VIP subscription a workshop works out at less than £4

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