Online classes via ZOOM streamed to each member

Online demonstrations, streamed to each person who has a computer in your art club

Because of these quickly changing days, I am offering to teach at a specific time and stream to members of your art club. The benefits, no travel expenses. so distance or country no problem, You will also be able to ask questions etc. as usual, reference material and drawings will be supplied if needed. Using Zoom

Cost £150 for 2 hours minutes demonstrations, (2 watercolours) up to 300 members.

Workshops online. 2 hours Using Zoom. Can be streamed to individual in their own homes. ( 20 people) 2 hours £150

All day Zoom workshop (5 hours)  (20 people) £250

An edited video of demonstration workshop to show to absent members or library £50

*Marilyn Allis retains copyright of recording. Permission required to record beforehand must be obtained in writing.

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