Workshops & Demonstrations in person

Workshops at your own art club

Workshops can be tailor made to suit your class, whether beginners or advanced, all corporate events tailored too.

Demonstrations Day or evening £220

Workshops Half Day (3 hours approx.) £250

Workshops Full day (up to six hours) £380

Please note there will be travel expenses at .54p per mile from DT2 7HJ. After 30 miles. (Free mileage within 30) miles from DT2 7HJ)

Ideas for workshops & demonstrations

People made easy

Big brush

Animals on the loose


Hens, chickens & roosters

Impressionism Water colour

Mixed media

Vibrant Acrylics

Mixed media and collage

Brusho & New Metallic Brusho

Metallic painting watercolour & acrylics

OnDemand Workshops £8.99

Will never time out. Watch as many times as you wish

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