Paint a White Goose Competition and win 2 months FREE Basic membership subscription.

Watch this On Demand Tuition link for FREE and then paint your own white watercolour goose.

You can watch restart and watch again as many times as you wish.

On Demand tuitions are filmed in HD quality, so you can watch on your smart TV. PC, Ipad or phone. They have step by step instructions in real time with captions. Yu can stop start and rewind and watch as many times as you wish. When you book an On Demand tuition you will also receive a drawing, reference photograph and an image of the finished painting.

To Print drawing & reference photos click here

To Win this prize Just Post your entry on to the travelling artist page

and make 3 comments what you liked about the Goose tuition?

Good Luck. I look forward to seeing your entries.

Closing date 28th February 2023

OnDemand Workshops £8.99

Will never time out. Watch as many times as you wish

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