Atelier Interactive Acrylics 20ml Tubes (Set of 12)


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Breaking the boundaries of all perceived standards of acrylic paint, Atelier Interactive has been described as a “21st Century” acrylic. These paints are unlike traditional acrylics and do not suddenly form a skin – changing the painting process and giving you plenty of time to blend and rework allowing you more creative freedom!

This starter set, complete with 12 x 20ml tubes is the perfect way to have a dabble to see what the fuss is about!

Colours included in this set are:
Crimson 0186
Trans. Perinone Orange 1655
Arylamide Yellow Light 0012
Arylamide Yellow Deep 1235
Yellow Ochre 0131
Burnt Sienna 0483
French Ultra. Blue 0072
Dioxazine Purple 2685
Pthalo Green 3292
Perm. Green Light 0361
Carbon Black 0000
Titanium White 1111