Membership subcription

    • "I like the way I can watch you a couple of times then freeze screen whilst I paint before moving on to the next part.😊😊
      In a live demo you can miss things but on a recording it’s brilliant!
      SA Hampshire
      "I want to thank you for all your lovely work shops! Such a great idea putting them on Patreon . They have kept me going and inspired.
      Your videos are really good though with the music etc." Sue A
    • BASIC

    • £5.99 per month

    • 2  x watercolour workshops in real time monthly.  with Reference photographs & drawings

    • split to go live on the 2nd & 16th of each month

    • access to previous BASIC tuitions

    •                                                                                 No time limit
    • £10.99 per month

Everything in the previous tier PLUS

  • 1 masterclass step by step watercolour tuition, in real time, aired on the 16th of each month
  • Access to reference material, so drawing up is easier
  • Access to drawing photograph
  • Early access to YouTube videos before they are aired live.
  • Access to previous BASIC & MASTERCLASS tuitions
  • VIP
  • £15.99 per month
  • Everything in Basic and Masterclass Tiers, PLUS
  • Extra step x step workshop in Mixed media and other mediums, on the 23rd each month
  • ​Access to selected ZOOM interactive classes (average once a month)
  • Full library access, growing all the time
  •  Can email questions about finished work
  • Students own reference will be selected and used as a demonstration periodically
  • Yearly draw to win one of the demonstration paintings.