A generic plan of the Trio Breaks watercolour & Acrylic

Holiday  Events

Trio watercolor/acrylic Painting break .. five days Postcode for the Marsham court Hotel 3 Russell Cotes Road BH13 3AB (parking is through the back entrance of the Hotel) ask at reception for a ticket to display,

 Tel no is 07789026546 

 I would like to welcome you to our watercolour break. Over the course of the week we will be covering many watercolour techniques in a fun way. Each day you will have a chance to enjoy a workshop with a different artist. Classes will be notified on arrival.

Monday. .Arrive anytime from 3pm… get yourselves settled in, or to explore Bournemouth.

5.30pm Bucks fizz will be served in the under the stairs room. and a small introductory chat. We will then go through to our evening meal.

6.30pm Evening meal in the restaurant

Studio will be open until 10pm (unsupervised)

Classes will be held in the Under stairs room.

Tuesday   … .classes Tutor One .10.00am – 12.30pm…..2.00pm – 5.00pm

Wednesday …classes Tutor Two….10.00am 12.30pm……2.00pm – 5.00pm

5pm -6pm small rooster  workshop, with Tutor Three (those who wish to attend)

Thursday …classes Tutor Three….10.00am -12.30pm…..2.00pm -5.00pm


Breakfast 7.30- 9-30am

check out of room by 11am

Buffet Breakfast 7.30 – 9.30 served in the main dining area…………

Tea & coffee Mid morning and afternoon

Dinner  6.30 pm 3 Courses served in the restaurant plus coffee

The studio will be open from 8am and until 10pm, they will be locked during the night.

You are free to work there at your leisure.

There will be a selection of paints, paper and brushes at the workshops and on the introduction evening to purchase if you wish.

Suggested Materials watercolour…Please bring with you all your regular watercolours colours, water colour brush, ¼ imperial ROUGH watercolour paper.  eraser, pencil. Water container. Old towel or Kitchen towel, If you need anything bought especially look at my website www.marilynalis.com and let me know beforehand. I will make sure I bring it..

Suggested materials acrylic…. canvas board 20″ x 16″. old towel, flat brushes, palette knives, selection colours of acrylic paint

Times, materials and itinerary may vary slightly.