After two years we are back. I can honestly say the best ever acrylic holiday at the Marsham Court Hotel in Bournemouth ever. We all arrived a little cautious of mixing and outside of our safe bubbles. As the week unfolded and we were taken out of our safe places in more than one way, confidence grew and the sparkles & sense of humor were relit. A big thankyou to Stephen Lees & Denise Allen for helping me make this happen and to all our lovely friends who attended. Class of 2022.

Well two items crossed off my bucket list. A visit to Ireland. Its taken over 60 years, and seeing the Giants Causeway was the icing on the cake. A glass of whisky on the rocks, heaven.

Well you cannot believe how good it was to get back teaching at sea. We should have been on the Queen Elizabeth for 12 weeks but eventually made it 4 weeks later. The classes were awesome and so many new pupils who had never painted before, discovering a new talent. I arrived home with well over 150 demonstration pieces. A very busy cruise.

New is my Yearly subscription with over 100 tutorials available as well as 6 ZOOM active workshops a year. Excellent value.

This year has certainly been a learning curve. Now with a lot more ZOOM demonstrations and workshops, I can teach all over the world from my studio.

I also have been investing time in making kits for tuition, so step by step tuition with all the materials you need to make a piece of artwork.

Well something a little different to purchase murals of some of my paintings click here.

Marilyn Allis

Well life has certainly been busy the last year. A whole new world of technology had to be learnt. As my world changed. All my work was cancelled overnight. So time to rethink. The first thing to do was to set up a membership tuition with lots of pre recorded tuition , Covering so many subjects I really enjoyed being able to play and grow as an artist. Never have I been able to paint so much.  Next came the live ZOOMs , very stressful, I will admit. but so worthwhile once we got the hang of this new way of teaching.  I personally think that these will continue along side attending an art group, as the quality and ease for members to view is so much better. Plus no travelling expenses, so demonstrations and workshops can be run world wide for no extra costs. 

I’ve just come across this article in Ouste  paper in Brittany, Lovely memories of manning this yearly expo with my daughter. probably 4-5 years ago now.

Jusqu’au 11 août, Marilyn Allis expose à la Maison des artisans, ses aquarelles et ses tableaux réalisés à la peinture acrylique. Née en Angleterre, le peintre travaille la technique et l’enseigne notamment au cours de croisières pédagogiques.

Elle a consigné ses recherches en trois livres : People aren’t ScaryAnimals on the loose et Painting Dorset. Elle publie de nombreux articles dans la revue Paint. À Saint-Cast, elle présente des aquarelles bleues, représentant la région. Ses nombreux voyages l’ont également inspirée pour des toiles plus colorées dans lesquelles elle laisse s’exprimer son style impressionniste et contemporain.

Jusqu’au 11 août, exposition : Maison des artisans de 11 h à 19 h jusqu’au 11 août – contact :

We are now up and running with our outside workshops. spent a beautiful day yesterday painting loose watercolour outside the studio safely social distancing. Its an amazing space.

Well Swing is investigating what we are up too. Things are well under way and the studio will be transformed very shortly. Much safer for workshops and a lovely area to sit for lunch and coffees, enjoying the magnificent view,. Cant wait to start classes here again.

Things came to a stand still last week, as my amazing husband was rushed into hospital. After a week he has escaped and itching to get started again. Although I think rest is on the cards for a little while.

We can begin to think of rescheduling workshops at my beautiful studio. I will be keeping numbers small. we are also having some exciting improvements made to make social distancing easier.

I can’t believe where the last 8 weeks have gone. I have been working flat out from my studio, creating all sorts of tuition, supported by the Patreon platform

VIP tuition on Patreon

broken into tiers. BASIC, MASTERCLASS & VIP. I have so enjoyed painting continuously and experimenting as I have been filming. All my normal work as with so many self employed people stopped overnight. All demonstrations, workshops, shows and exhibitions cancelled overnight. What an opportunity to rethink my business and learn new skills, technology I must admit was a steep learning curve. I can honesty say I have loved the past two months.

Well at last the Online tuition is set up. what a huge set of learning curves to face in one hit.  Its working and now easy online teaching is available. with step by step instruction in real time. You can watch at your leisure.

  • I am going to be using my time positively as booking are being postponed and am bringing forward my online teaching. Each Tuesday will see a NEW YouTube teaching video launched and all I ask is that you subscribe to my YouTube channel. I am also launching a NEW subscription online school. Details will be up and running by the end of this week.
  • I cant believe what has been happening since my return from Morocco a few weeks ago. I’m very fortunate to have gained so much new reference material, will certainly keep me fresh for a long time. Very lucky to  have got home before all this craziness kicked in.
  • What an experience, 6 weeks teaching on the amazing Azamara Pursuit. We got on in Lisbon travelled through the Canaries to finally spend 4 weeks travelling around Brazil and Uruguay. So much new colourful reference material to brighten forcoming demonstrations and worskhops.
  • Back at the Marsham Court hotel with a watercolour weekend break. so busy art the moment. love it.
  • Well my first Acrylic Trio 2019 completed at Bournemouths Marsham Court Hotel. Ran smoothly with Tony Hogan and Michael Parker. Discovering 3 tecniques in acrylic painting. This colourful rooster was my demonstration piece on the arrival day.
  • The class tackled an elephant and a cow on my teaching days. Pallette knife painting was a first for me and I enjoyed having ago a real treat for me to take part in a class.
  • Well life takes some twists, didn’t expect to be on the high seas so soon, but back to the Baltics on the Queen Elizabeth. 6 days to get ready, after an exhausting few months with the final stages of refurbishing my studio the break was very welcome. Such amazing classes with such lovely people yet again.
  • What an amazing time at the 15th Stock Gaylard Oak fair Yesterday. Meeting up with so many old friends and a chance to paint. The weather was really kind to us this year so we even packed up in the dry. I managed to finish this painting of my grandparents weddinf at Holt, Wimborne, back in 1910ish. Its painted in Dorset Blue paint very relevent to their and mine Dorset roots. The paint was drying too quickly so will revisit this in the studio, think it will be well worth it.
  • smartcapture

    Back to my roots, I’ve spent 5 days talking about my workshops and holidays at the purbeck school, again another very personal time, one of my grandmothers living about 5 minutes walk from the school at the top of Worgret hill in a big tide farmers cottage. Happy days of playing on a mound of what we thought was a burial mound from the plague in Wareham, no one was ever sure. My other Grandmother Mrs Wellstead ran the Post Office at Holme Bridge, when she died at 82 her daughter Joan carried on running the little Post Office, theres nothing like going back to your roots.

  • Such a diverse life, after an amazing day at the Abbotsbury street fair, bringing back many memories of being taken there with my father as a child. from conversations I think I must have been at the very first fair. so a lovely feeling to be part of it now.
  • Well back to reality. After two weeks teaching in the baltics on the Saga Sapphire. I had some very large classes, who were so keen to learn. Its always such a priviledge to encourage passengers who have never painted before to take up painting. plus those lovely artists who are more experienced. A brilliant inspiring time.
  • Honfleur is so inspiring, after an amazing weekend laden with wine and coffee, and so much reference material. I feel a Honfleur theme approaching. It was a chance to soak up the smells and French atmosphere. Spent a wonderful evening in a small bar overlooking the harbour. Even the rain was atmospheric. The sun did come out and even more photos had to be taken.
  • Preperation for demostrations is well underway. I’m alway introducing new material to keep it interesting for the art groups and for me. Quite excited.
  • Singapore to Japan, travels across Vietnam, Taiwan and Hong Kong are still fresh in my mind, these are going to be an influence for quite a while on my preparation for demonstrations and workshops. Yet again amazing people attended my classes on the Azamara Quest.
    Drumming festival Japan


    Well the last few months have seen a major change in my studio, it was time to have my own toilet, kitchen, comfortable seating area and a warmer workplace . Already in an amazing peaceful farm setting, it was just the little extras that were needed. My brilliant husband set to work to achieve this. Walls were knocked down, a kitchen installed with dare I say it running water. No more filling up bottles from a frozen outside tap. The best addition is the beautiful toilet. There  is still work to be done. the most important part is running workshops in all mediums from this transformed workplace.