Animals on the Loose Book


The ultimate guide to painting quick, loose, colourful animals that are full of energy! This inspiring book will capture your imagination and help you learn to paint animals in an imaginative way often from angles you wouldn’t expect. Popular artist Marilyn Allis shows you how to capture the charactor and movement of farm, domestic and wild animals, some with only a few simple brush strokes. She even reveals how to create simple yet affective backgrounds that brin real atmosphere to your paintings. The book is filled with vibrant step-by-step demonstrations for you to try in watercolour, but also using a number of other mediums including; pastel, gouche and acrylic inks. With a real mixture of animals to paint in a number of tecniques and colours, this book is sure to brighten up thos elong winter nights! (signed copy)

This book is a must have for any watercolour artists who struggle to paint people!

Once you have begun putting figures into a painting you won’t be able to stop. Marilyn shows you how easy it is to add figures to paintings and explains that figures are just blobs of light and dark and shows and that with just a few simple brush strokes you can create a crowd of recognisable people.

The book has a variety of vibrant and colourful projects to choose from, each with step-by-step illustrations to help fire the imagination. Learn how to highlight the movement and energy of the scene and use colour and tone to your advantage.

56 Pages

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Animals on the Loose Book, mixed media