Five Vibrant rooster pendants, beads & charms Kit & tuition


Acrylic paints x 4 x 30mm pendants, 1 x 25mm pendant,1 x black cord 4 x coloured cords with fish hook clasps, with clasp, Beads, 2 x charms, Tuition, discs with spare to paint on Small brush. Marilyn Allis pencil with eraser template, 1 x organza bag

You will need: kitchen paper. Modpod. Magnify glass is helpful. Tweezers


Create your own beautiful pendants with all you need. Step by step tuition with 5 designs. With a few extra discs so you can then choose the best for your pendants. Four pendant will be plain and one with charms and beads. You can watch the step by step tuition on a smart TV, PC, tablet, or phone.