Metallic Hares x 3 paintings metallic mixed media Kit


What’s included in the price?

– Marilyn Allis size 16 Brush (rrp £23.99).
– Sword liner brush.
– Metallic inspiration medium.
– Black ink.
– 2 x pots of watercolour paints.
– Marilyn Allis pencil/eraser.
– 3 x paper.
– 1 x practice paper.
– Plastic card.
– 3 x copies of drawings.
– 3 x copy of finished painting.

10 in stock (can be backordered)


When you need things to do at home to help you unwind, try this art kit and on-demand art class to pick up new painting skills.

You’ll be using metallic paint from your DIY kit which gives watercolours a magical and sparkling effect. No more buying expensive pans, just a few drops and you have metallic paint using your existing colours!

Learn how to paint your three hares at a pace that suits you by watching the pre-recorded video. There are step-by-step instructions with captions that take you through the art supplies and every stroke of the brush. Play, pause and rewind whenever you want and watch as many times as you want, this video doesn’t expire!

It’s very easy and quick to paint, perfect for beginners picking up an artistic hobby. You’ll be led by talented artist, Marilyn, and finish the artwork with new confidence and techniques.

The link is unlimited and you can stop re watch as many times as you wish.
You can watch on a Smart TV, tablet, PC or phone. The tuitions are recorded in HD quality.

Materials are posted to your home.