Quinacradone Gold SAA watercolour 15ml tube



Quinacridone Gold is just one of the many beautiful colours in the SAA Artists’ Watercolour collection.

Made exclusively in the UK, each 14ml tube combines the finest pigments, with the highest quality production standards, and represents fantastic value for money for any watercolour painter.

Quinacridone Gold is a well-known favourite, offering an alternative to Raw Sienna and adds versatility with its mixing capabilities. It features a lightfast rating of A and is graded as a transparent paint. I use  it to give that vivid golden glow along side a Intense Violet.

Pigment Composition: Quinacridone Violet/Transparent Iron Oxide/Diarylamide
Colour Index No.:PV23/PR10/
Transparency: T (Transparent)
Permanence: A ( Permanent)

We take pride in the fact that our paints contain no animal by-products and are suitable for use by vegetarians and vegans.