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Break 2nd – 6th October 2023 Banner

Bring Your usual acrylic equipment Well, it’s not long now, we are getting really excited as we approach the acrylic TRIO painting break. Looking forward to seeing you all. Below is information that will help you to enjoy your break
A few ideas of what we will be using, Not set in stone, but just to help you pack. Canvas Boards 16″ x 20″, Big flat brushes and normal pointed brushes, Impasto gel or similar, metallic paint, one tube. Don’t forget to bring plenty of white. If you need any materials to be brought, can you order within 7 days, as I don’t carry a lot of acrylic stock and a lot of suppliers are taking a while to deliver if they even have it in stock.  Also state if you’re not happy with an alternative product.

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For the generic plan of break click here. more precise details will follow 

Marilyn Allis Canvas
Board (20in x 16in) Pack of 4 £20.00 (separately £7.00 each)
All prices matched with the SAA members prices


SAA or similar Acrylic Keep-Wet Palette £12.64

PRIMAcryl Finest Artists’ Acrylic Titanium White 60ml £9.67
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